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Chikan Densha Otoko 2

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Kode Produk: DGM-1220
Berat Barang: 0.025 kg

Title: Chikan Densha Otoko Gaiden ~Densetsu no Chaser~
Publisher: Guilty

Ono belongs to a molestation network group. But one day, other members get arrested and the group breaks up. He has lost his passion for molestation, just doing train molestation by habit. One day, he meets a man who is called the king of train molestation on the train. He is surprised to see his molestation techniques and decides to improve his techniques....

Manabu gets in a crowded train every morning. In front of him, there is Haruka, whom he is in love. He tried to approach her several times, but he couldn't do it due to his shyness.... One day, he finds a man molesting a woman. He tries to stop it, but the molester counterattacks him. What saved him was the woman, who was just being molested by the man. Her name is Natsumi and she tells Manabu that she was being molested for pleasure. "Why?" "The man just made my body like this!" Manabu tells her that he just wanted to overcome his shyness.... "I see.... You wanna change your personality, right?" Natsumi suddenly gives him a blowjob! Just when he is about to ejaculate, she stops it. "If you want more, come here tomorrow...." When he gets to school and goes to toilet to masturbate, he meets a teacher, Miyoko. "Let me give you a blowjob." "What!? What are you talking about?" "I was just ordered to do so...." Natsumi and Miyoko. Manabu's life gradually changes after meeting them....

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